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Oct 2, 2013

31 Steps To Fit and Strong

I'm practically 2 days late in the opening of the 31 Days of 2013.  I'm just glad the linkies are still up for another 2 days so, there's still time for me to catch up.  It's not my habit to be late.  Just that sickness chose to visit me over the weekend.  And I haven't been that sick since...since...I can't remember so it must be a long time ago when I had to be on bed rest.  I'm human after all hahaha!  Anyway, I've bounced back, although still taking it easy but I'm very much alive and kicking and ready for the one month challenge.

There are 10 categories to choose from the list over at The Nesting Place.  You can find me (obviously) at the Health, Wellness, and Food category.  As I was browsing through the entries, I am giddy and excited!  More new blogs to visit, and health blogs at that!  Awesome!

Anyway, as I have said, I will be talking about 31 Steps to becoming Fit and Strong.  Very timely as I am still recovering, and hopefully be back in shape in the next few weeks.

What can you expect from the series? It's divided into 3 main sections: the Basics, the Exercises, and sustaining the Habit of becoming Fit and Strong. Some of those things, you'll find, I have already done before (that is if you are a regular visitor here). I thought it would be great to compile them in a series. There's just something about lists and being organized that gets to me.

While I'm doing this challenge as a personal endeavor, it would be great if you could tag along.  Of course, it bears repeating that I am no health expert and these are just my personal health journeys.  As such, these steps and activities are in no way meant to be taken as professional advice, and they may not be applicable for everyone.  I will be updating this post with links to the daily updates.

So, let's see how this thing goes.  For now, I got to hurry on and submit my entry before closing time.


Day 1: Health Check
Day 2: Warm Up Exercises
Day 3: Strengthening the Neck Muscles
Day 4: Strong Shoulders
Day 5: Pectoral Workout
Day 6: Strong, Sexy Back
Day 7: Buff Biceps
Day 8: Toughen Those Triceps
Day 9: Rectus Abdominis
Day 10: Strong Lower Back
Day 11: Tone Obliques
Day 12: Strong Hip Flexors
Day 13: Strong, Firm Glutes
Day 14: Tough Quadriceps
Day 15: Toughen Those Hamstrings
Day 16: Knee Strength
Day 17: Calf Exercises
Day 18: The Feet and Ankles
Day 19: Take A Rest
Day 20: Let's Walk
Day 21: Try Tai Chi
Day 22: Ready to Run?
Day 23: Stronger Through Swimming
Day 24: Yoga for Strength Training
Day 25: Eat Healthy
Day 26: Timing Nutrition With The Workout Phases
Day 27: Develop a Strong Mind
Day 28: The Value of Goals and Purpose
Day 29: Setting Up A Workout Schedule
Day 30: For When You Backslide
Day 31: Wrapping It Up


  1. Maria Teresa GuanlaoOctober 2, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    Naku sis, trending kasi ngayon ang sakit, lol!
    Good luck with this sis! How I wish I can go with you, hehe! Will look forward to your updates :) Miss yah!

  2. Good luck A! I will be looking forward for your posts. I was thinking of joining but felt I need to focus on other things namely my writing and getting my own domain.Hope to finally meet you before the year ends.

  3. Hi Ms. Sarah! Thanks for the regular visits. Nice you're getting your own domain. It's not as simple as before but, well, there are ways of doing it. I have not yet tried to figure it out. That would be nice, the meet up. But expect that you would do most of the talking lol! I am just talkative in writing, not in actual conversation, I'm afraid :-) But as Farida is saying, a BC blogger get together would be great!

  4. So now I'm trendy lol! Miss you too! Won't you join? We will be on the same category as they have lumped together health, wellness, and food. Why not make 31 days of Filipino cuisine??? *wink* You can still catch up, you know. The links are still open.

  5. Here from the Nester. Love your topic! Look forward to following along.

  6. Thanks Lisa...what's your URL so I could follow along as well.

  7. Hayst... finally sis I can comment na. Oh btw, goodluck on your writing sis.

  8. good luck on your 31 day challenge! i think i need to be motivated to workout.. your blog will help me with it. i want to be firm and sexy! hahaha char!

  9. I'm enjoying your series and glad that you are staying on track! Keep it up. :-)

  10. I really did scrolled down to get on track! :) This 31 days is kinda interesting Ate! :)

  11. Thanks Marie! Glad you found it interesting. :-)

  12. Teehee...only 3 more articles to churn...almost through...yes! :-)