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Oct 12, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 13}: Strong, Firm Glutes

I'm doing an advance post again.  Well, I don't usually have an access to the internet on a Sunday, so here is my post for tomorrow.

Getting on with the topic...let's talk about the gluteus medius, minimus, and maximus, or simply the glutes.  Why do we need to strengthen that part of the human anatomy?  Besides the fact that a toned tush looks more appealing, we need to have strong glutes to aid us in a lot of activities from sitting down, to maintaining good posture, to running, walking, bending, you name it.  Strong glutes also protect against lower back pain. 

The good thing about exercising the glutes is that no special equipment is needed.  You just need to do some moves in the proper form for optimum results.  Here's a rundown of my favorite and quite easy workouts that target the glutes:
  • Forward Lunge - This is a static workout, meaning you do it in one spot, performing several reps with one leg first before switching sides.  But I have made some alternate moves to this.  I enjoy doing the forward lunge, with alternate steps going forward, like a walking lunge.  I carry dumbbells also for added workout, but like I said, you don't need that really.  I'm just incorporating some cardio and extra resistance in the workout.
  • Backward Lunge with Front Kick - This one I read in one of those Brazilian butt workout (can't find the site anymore).  I think this is wicked, and definitely a great workout in my opinion.  The first time I tried this, the following day, my butt experienced some serious DOMS.  How to do this, you stand with feet hip-width apart.  Bring the right leg to the back, bending the knees and doing a backward lunge (try a low one with the right knee just almost touching the floor).  Then with the left leg, push yourself up to standing position and kick the right leg to the front.  It's not necessary that you have to kick with a straight leg.  A slight bend is okay.  Repeat these movements first on one side, maybe about 25 - 30 reps.  Then do it on the other side.  Do come back and tell me how it feels, the day after.  
  • Back Kick - Not sure if that's the actual name, but it's quite simple.  You just stand, feet apart (hip-width).  You can use a chair or a wall to put your hands on for balance.  With legs straight, just kick your leg to the back and do several reps on one side before switching to the other side.  Easy peasy right?
  • Squats - need I say more?

Here are other workouts I found that you do on all fours:

Hip Extensions

Concentrated Hip Extensions

I have no doubt you will have strong, firm glutes if you do these consistently, in your preferred combinations. But don't do it everyday though.  You need to allow the muscles to rest, at least for a whole day before you work them out again.  Personally, I benefit a lot from this exercise alone, when it comes to running, particularly since I have an injured left knee.  Strong glutes promote better leg stability and that is very kind to my knees and may prevent future injuries.

For exercises you've missed, do click on the 31 Days Series at the right side bar.  


  1. I was wondering where the comment box was and then realized I needed to sign in to Disqus... Good job on your workouts. :-)

  2. I have that brazilian butt workout! (and i didnt do it hehe). Yun ba yung sa beach body? I have workouts from beach body like hiphop abs and insanity (na di ko ginawa) by shaun t (he is gay! icantbelieveit!), and chalean's turbo jam and turbo fire. If i do just one program i am fit na sana kaya lang tamad ang peg e hehe

  3. Great info for those who wanna be fit. I think I can try the back kick and squats.

  4. Wonderful exercises. I downloaded some of Casey's workout videos and I hope it would help get my butt in shape.

  5. Looks difficult, but if this exercise could save me from lower back pain, I'd do this kahit mahirap!

  6. Mahirap siguro itong gawin for first timer. I think I can do one a time starting with SQUATS..then so on and so fort until I master it. I do have some lower back problem. It probably just need some exercise..:) Thanks for sharing sis:)

  7. This has been tried and tested by my cousin who developed her backside by exercising. :) So, there's still hope for the flat-glutes!

  8. these routines will definitely help in minimizing or eliminating the cellulites or orange peel look of the glutes :)

  9. I am looking for this sis. I will download it nga, mas mabilis kasi isave ko sa tablet then go na lang. I just wrote about my losing weight woes. I am so frustrated na. But looking at your posts, naiinspire na naman ako. Thank you for that.

    Mommy Maye

  10. I dont know if I can still do this but it sure is inspiring to have a great body.

  11. These sounds like good exercises to do regularly..will start on the squats and back kicks from tomorrow.

  12. Awww, don't be frustrated sis. Welcome the challenge and stay motivated. Keep up with it too. You have started already, so don't give up on that. :-)

  13. I'm not sure if that's the one, but it probably is. I can't remember the website anymore but that workout stuck with me, because I felt the immediate effect. It hurt, but it also felt good. :-)

  14. Nice! Squats are really great and I would have done more of that if my knees are not begging for mercy. :-)