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Oct 17, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 17}: Calf Exercises

I have big lower legs.  They're muscular but not like those of bodybuilders.  They're already like that since I took notice. Blame it on genetics.  That said, it's no reason to completely forget about strengthening the calves despite the huge trunks.  Besides, the lower leg does a lot of work in walking, running, jumping and all sorts of activities in which we move around.  

I have observed that although my calves may be the most developed of all the muscles we have been going through so far in this 31 Days Series, these are the very muscles that succumb to cramps after my runs.  Thankfully, it's always after the run and not before.  We all know it's hard to hobble your way to the finish line.

Anyway, the most common exercise for the calves is the Single Leg Calf Raise:

Seated calf raises can also be done by putting weights across the thighs, like a barbell and doing the same as above, but in a seated position, of course.  If you're in the office, these exercises can be easily done, right?  The standing calf raise is easy enough to execute.  Well, I know you probably don't have a barbell stashed under your office table, but I am sure you've got big, heavy books you can put on your thighs.  A good alternative to buying barbells right?

Hope you're enjoying the 31 Steps to Fit and Strong series.  Until next post!


  1. It looks easy. What is the weight of the barbel to buy for beginners?

  2. I'm not sure sis. All I know is barbell weights are adjustable and interchangeable. I guess you start with the weight that you can manage to lift and then you progress from there.