Sep 1, 2016

The Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC): A World-Class Philippine Dental Center

Tooth extraction, tooth fillings, root canal... these are some of the worst nightmares of most people.  Some people would even endure the pain rather than go through these procedures.  The mere mention of going to the dentist is already a cringe-factor to some people.  Thankfully, I have only personally experienced the first two procedures and I live in an age when anesthesia was already discovered long ago.  I guess, having my mom accompany me to the dentist when I was a kid also helped.  Still, I get that unsettling, nervous feeling sometimes when anything has to involve using needles and something used to pull teeth, which I think is a normal reaction.

Jan 25, 2016

{Back to Basics}: Jump Start the Journey to Good Health

Hey there health buffs, couch potatoes and the in-betweeners!

The first month of this year, 2016 is almost through!  I'm sure that most of us have already gotten over the long holidays (or getting there, somehow) and have now acclimated to the normal life routines.  Like most people, you may have already written down those resolutions, intent and committed to achieving those. I just hope you haven't thrown out your list of goals this early.  If you don't have goals, now is the best time to think about it.  I myself have set some goals for this year, and it will not be complete without the health goals. 

Here's the thing.  Last year, I have joined only one organized fun run and I don't do my regular weekly runs after that.  I regressed, so to speak.  I don't know.  Maybe I got tired of running around lol! Naturally, I gained weight...and bulges uggghhh!  But you know, having started this health blog some years ago, I wasn't really so much into the body image thing.  I was mostly concerned about my overall health. Being slimmer is just a desirable by-product of a healthier lifestyle.  

Dec 9, 2015

{Infographic}: How to Treat Heart Disease Better

The holidays are just around the corner. You know what this season brings. Food... lots of food!  And since most of us are on vacation mode, we tend to overindulge and exercise less.  After all, this is the much deserved break from the daily grind of work and stuff we do routinely.  It's the time to just chill out and relax as they say.  In other words, it's the perfect excuse to revert to couch potato mode.

It's no wonder that one of the top resolutions come January is about losing the weight gained during the break and a clamoring to melt those bulges and bring down the cholesterol levels to normal. It's a vicious cycle if you ask me.  

For someone who is already at risk, having a family history of heart disease from both parents, this infographic is a good reminder for me and for you as well. That's why I thought of sharing it with you before you go full gear for the upcoming break. It somehow sets things in perspective each time we drool over those cholesterol-laden food and each time we're tempted to postpone exercise for the next day...and the next day...and so on.

Well, it all still boils down to eating healthy food and having regular exercise. 

How to Treat Heart Disease Better than Ever Before

Aug 4, 2015

Running Out of Excuses...and a Short Update

Running Woman @
It's high time I go back to running.  Yep, you read that right, and from someone who has advocated running since she started blogging on this site. My bad! It's really shameful to admit that, but I have to be honest.  Even some health and fitness enthusiasts get lazy sometimes.  I'm speaking mostly for myself so you fitness fiends, don't throw running shoes and dumbbells at me.  I am just saying, we're all human here.  I'll stop right there before I get clobbered lol!

So what happened to me and my affair with running?  If my memory serves me well, my last official run was six months ago, during the Condura Skyway Marathon.  I actually loved that run.  It was my first time to run on the Skyway.  The wind was chilly and my throat dried instantly.  But I was able to make it to the first drinking station which took 48 years years or so.  Seriously, it felt like that, but my guess is that, it was after running maybe 2 kilometers.  Two kilometers!  Dry throat, chilly weather...and then at the water station I was internally saying "Oh come on!"  Why?  They had water....water!  It was the next drinking station I think where they have Gatorade drinks.  I don't like drinking plain water on my runs, that is if I have a choice.  Why?  I'm pretty sure I'll need a toilet break within the next 20 minutes.  So anyway, what choice have I got but to take water?  Or I could just torture myself and go on and maybe pass out before the next water station hahaha!  

Jul 23, 2015

Writing Is Good For Your Health

My Planner and Journal
I've always considered writing as just a form of expression and partly a hobby.  But whether you're a writer/blogger or simply someone who keeps private journals, I'm sure you have found out already about writing's therapeutic benefits.  

I've always been an introvert and so I mostly kept journals when I was much younger.  I don't easily open up to people, but I could easily open up my heart to pen and paper and just write away in total abandon, not thinking about anyone's opinion or judgment.  So in some ways, the journal is like a best friend who can keep your innermost thoughts safe...that is until your sibling finds your journal and starts to quote things from the entries.  Arrrggggh!

Jan 10, 2015

The Case of the Injured Knee

The plan was to resume running tomorrow at Luneta Park.  I've been on Christmas break for almost three weeks, and although I didn't binge much, I didn't exercise much either.  In effect, I gained a few pounds hehehe.  I needed to shed off some of those pounds as well as go back to my running routine to prepare for the upcoming Condura Marathon on February 1.  

That was the plan until yesterday morning, I took a tumble down a flight of stairs, and my plan tumbled down as well.  Well okay not a whole flight of stairs.  I think I started falling right at the second stair step before the landing.  I was bounding down the stairs, already running late for work.  Next thing I knew, my right knee hit the stair step and then I fell completely on the landing.  I got up quickly, bags still in my hands but the flashlight took a tumble all the way down to the second flight of stairs.  I thought it was a funny incident and I was actually laughing to myself at my clumsiness, secretly hoping no one saw me do the unexpected acrobatics.  I brushed off dust on my jeans from where I hit my knee, and then limping slightly, I walked all the way to the office, a little bit slower than my usual pacing.  It's a 3-minute walk brisk walk for me, but no brisk walking just then.

Dec 8, 2014

38th Milo Marathon Finals Postponed Due to Hagupit

Me after one of my practice runs @ Luneta

Our supposed run yesterday was postponed in anticipation of the coming super typhoon Ruby (aka Hagupit) downgraded to typhoon and now going back to super typhoon status.  Am not so sure about the category status and I probably got it all mixed up already with reading so many news online.  I was keeping tabs since Thursday afternoon.  I am just glad that people seemed to have learned the lesson from Yolanda and are now better prepared and most people now actually heed the evacuation protocols.