Mar 24, 2014

Back to Swimming at YWCA

I can't believe it's almost a year now since I last dipped in a pool. That was sometime in May of last year when we finished our basic swimming lessons at YWCA.  Last Saturday, we put ourselves to the test, to see if we still know how to swim.  We got there at past 2pm and the pool was deserted.  So it was just the two of us, me and Cecil who would be using the entire pool.  The good thing is no one's going to see us if we made a fool of ourselves.  The bad thing is, since both of us are newbies in swimming, the other one can't save the other when one drowns (lol!).  We each made boundaries for ourselves, never to go in the deep part, or if we dare, we should never let go of the gutter.  

Mar 15, 2014

Ready for Run United 2014

Looks like we're all set for the first leg of Run United 2014 tomorrow, March 16.  See what the cat dragged in yesterday.  Well, actually, it's one of my running buddies who claimed our race kits for the four of us runners.  I guess this is hard to miss because of the color.  Last year, they give out the loot goodies after the run.  This year, they decided to give it already together with the singlet and race bib.  I wonder if there will still be other giveaways after the run.  Well, we will just have to see tomorrow.

Loot bag

Mar 6, 2014

At Forty and Beyond

Woman Jumping @
Where did the time go?  One time I was just twenty and now, twenty years has gone by already!  Oh yes, I have officially joined the so-called midlife, but hopefully not the crisis commonly associated with it.  And while many women (and men maybe?) would cringe at the thought of admitting their real age, I'm proud to say I've lived four decades already and I feel simply blessed.

Feb 11, 2014

Taking It Slow

It's been a while, but I'm back! I've been trying to ease back into running (and writing). My last long run was during the first week of December last year. Well, you know with the holidays just around the corner that time, not much exercise followed after that 10K run.  Naturally, most of us gained pounds.  Tell me who didn't and I'll say you're simply incredible!  I've been trying to shake those extra pounds before I go back to running.  I'm just being kinder and more careful with my knees, the left one in particular. So no running until I lose a few pounds.

Dec 10, 2013

Of Page Ranks and Personal Records

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid @ Free Digital Photos
I wonder what big rock I have crawled under in the past few days that I have failed to notice that this site's page rank has gone up a notch, from PR 1 to PR 2.  I was about to do a cartwheel anyway, then I realized, the update was already 4 days ago.  Where have I been to? Lol!  Anyway, this calls for a cartwheel just the same, if I knew how to do one, for starters.  Maybe I'll just do the dance of joy, ala Larry and Balki (Remember them? Never mind if you don't).

Nov 26, 2013

Is It Time For a Half Marathon?

Image courtesy of tiverylucky
I have sometimes wondered if I'll be able to run at least a half marathon.  But right now, I just don't have the strong desire to run 21 k in one shot.  One of my running buddies already tried that several times, previously and he came out okay, of course not without cramps and post running injuries.  Last Sunday, another running buddy tried her mettle in running and she survived her first half marathon with the inevitable aching leg muscles, minus the cramps.

So when would be my turn? I don't know. I'm not even training for that. I just don't see myself doing that in the next months or maybe not even in a year. To be honest, a 10-k run is already too long for me. I already get bored running for more than an hour. So progressing to a half marathon that could take me 3 hours or more is stretching my limit way beyond my will power. If I do that right now, it will be a punishment of sorts. I think my body could still take the running, at least the run-walk-run routine, but if my heart is not into it, I'd probably not be able to finish the race.

Nov 19, 2013

My Itchy, Sneezy Nose

Image courtesy of Ambro
The insides of my nostrils have been itching for a few days now.  And when the itching gets unbearable, that's when I have sneezing spells.  If only I could reach inside my nose and scratch that itch.  Arrgggghh... So now, I am feeling really out of sorts.  And as I have mentioned before (almost a year now hehehe), I cannot go pill popping anymore.  

My alternative to antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal sprays is just to get plenty of water and sleep.  And water myself a lot, I do, very religiously.  Sleep helps a lot since I am relaxed and you don't sneeze when you sleep (at least you have to wake up first hehe).  The moment I wake up though, I'd be sure to give a minimum of 5 big sneezes (with gusto!).  Sometimes, it feels like my nose would pop out from my face, but it's actually such a relief with that automatic body reflex to flush out allergens.  It's a good thing also that I have my own office cubicle so I can sneeze all I want and nobody has to run away from my direct assault.