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Oct 2, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 2}: Warm Up Exercises

I'd be the first to admit that sometimes, in my over eagerness to start with my run or exercise routine, I skip the warm up part. I guess it comes with the feeling that you're just about ready to do anything and plunge right ahead, like you can't be slowed down even by a brick wall. But all fitness experts would definitely say it's not a wise thing to do. Never skip the basics.

We're going a bit elementary here, but why do we need to warm up before any exercise routine? Physiologically, it's to prepare our body for the main workout by first pumping up the circulatory system, getting it revved up, so to speak. Doing this drives the blood to flow faster throughout the body, supplying our muscles and tissues with more oxygen-rich blood. The muscles are then better prepared to handle more stressful or rigorous activities as they become more pliable or less stiff due to inactivity. This way, we don't stress out the body too soon in the workout.

There is really no fixed formula for the warm up routine.  You also get to choose which best works for you. Personally, I just follow the stretch, rotate and light aerobic routine.  The figure below shows the common stretching exercises for the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body.

Printable from SOURCE

During the stretching of a particular body part, I already incorporate the rotation moves, whenever applicable, such neck roll after steps 1 and 2 from above.  

For the light aerobics, I do a few repetitions of jumping jacks, walking lunges, or I jog in place for a few minutes.  

Now we're warmed up and ready to go.  

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  1. I love warm up exercises.They really help a lot in building stamina especially when you are running or doing your regular fitness activities.

  2. A lot of times, I fail to do warm up. I want to do it fast para matapos na - tabata style-although I get rewarded gloriously the next day - by having different aches all over that I end up putting off any workout I plan to do hehe Have you tried tabata or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

  3. I have heard of those sis, but I have not tried any of that. I don't think I can sustain doing those for long periods of time. I go for slower exercises. For high intensity, there's running for me hehehe. I can't do HIIT kasi may injury na ko. And push ups, I have yet to muster that, the man pushs up I mean. Girly push ups I can do.

  4. I love cool downs means I'm through with the workout lol! :-)

  5. sigh. i wish i could do kahit warm up lang daily. kaso, nada! i know it would lessen the tiredness and stress the day brings if i do even a few minutes of exercise. nakakamiss din talaga magwork out. dati, i even go to the gym or run a few laps sa oval sa Ultra. i'll save this post, baka one day magawa ko kahit the stretching exercises you posted above. thanks! :-)

  6. I have no problem remembering to do the light aerobic part. It's the stretching that I always forget. Thanks for the reminder of how to do a proper warm up. :-)

  7. Maria Teresa GuanlaoOctober 4, 2013 at 7:28 PM

    I love stretching sis! Lalo na pag cooling down na, sarap mag stretch!

  8. I used to do jillian michael's 30 day shred (stuck on level 1 hehe) and i think it is a workable routine for busy moms and also turbo fire by chalean. They use HIIT pero masaya (masakit sa puso) and I also tried Insanity by Shawn Michaels (yung workout ni Angel Locsin). Sa kanila MAX training. Insane talaga. Dun pa lang sa fit test, bagsak na ako hehe. Your 31 day challenge is so timely kasi I gained weight talaga ever since my dad got sick and passed away. Stress eater...I will try to start today after my really big breakfast hehe. By the way, the tabata I do is super easy-4 minutes of 10 second jumping jacks, 10 second rest, then rinse and repeat , in four minutes.

  9. Before starting my badminton game I usually do warm up exercise like stretching etc.. Mahirap na at baka ma-injure.. hehehe