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Oct 12, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 12}: Strong Hip Flexors

My Taichi coach always say that the strength of force, when striking comes not from the hands or feet but it should originate from the hips, extending to the hands or to the feet.  I never really got the move quite right that first time he demonstrated the stance and the punch.  I need more practice with that.  Anyway, it's not just in martial arts that we need strong, flexible hips.  Runners, cyclists, dancers (of course), and other disciplines  and even just doing everyday chores that employ the use of the lower body need good hips as well.

For strong hip flexors, the best place is the gym with all those equipment, but since not all of us have that privilege to gym memberships, there are exercises that we can do at the comfort of our homes, such as these:

  • Pigeon Pose - one of those Yoga postures.  For an illustration and instruction on how to execute this pose properly, click on the name link.  This gives a really good stretch.  If you can, why not continue to do a full split?  Our coach encourages us to practice often, but my butt is still a hand's breadth off the floor.  If someone pushes me down, I think I'll be able to do a full split, with matching screaming hahaha!
  • Front to Back Hip Swing - This one is simple.  You just lie on your side, legs straight and stacked up, one hand on the floor in front for support while the other hand supports the head.  Now, just swing the top leg to the front, as far as you can reach, then swing it back as far as possible, squeezing the buttocks.  Just remember to keep your upper body stable.
  • Standing Side Kick - Stand with feet hip width apart.  Raise your right leg to the side until it is parallel to the floor.  Hold the position, then lower the leg again.  Do several repetitions and then switch sides.
  • Lunges - both high and low work the hip flexors.
  • Wide leg forward bend - in a sitting position, spread the legs straight outward on each side, as far away as you can.  Now, keeping the back straight, bend the upper body forward.  You can put your hands on the floor and reach forward as far as you can.  
If you're doing those for the first time, it will hurt, but the workouts give a good after feel.  Try them. 


  1. Uyy, galing a! 31 days committed! I told you about doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred ba? Started this week, but I was sick n by Thursday (upper respiratory tract infection. I cannot talk - tuwang tuwa si Nicole! yung second daughter ko). Even the universe is conspiring against my wish to be fit na!!!!

  2. Sis, after this 31 Days Series (of writing and trying out the exercises), I'm doing the 30-Day Abs challenge by Jillian Michael's nga ata...But I'm not going to write about that...just a personal challenge...hehehe (kakapagod pala magsulat everyday waaahhhh)

  3. That pigeon pose look so hard. Yikes!