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Oct 11, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 11}: Toned Obliques

The oblique muscles are actually a part of or grouped with the whole abdominal muscles.  It's also called the transversus abdominis.  Well, if it's bulging in some way, then you call them the love handles, although they are not something I would really love lol!

Seriously though, we need to work out the obliques not just to look good and sexy.  Strong, toned obliques may very well address that aching lower back as well.

Fitness coaches would also probably say that side crunches work.  And when it's about exercise, I cringe at the very word "crunch."  I'm not a fan of it...yet.  Maybe when I have a stronger midsection, I'll be able to do those crunches and sit-ups and side planks with ease.  But not right now.  I need something that is doable for starters.  

So, I found this video. I've been doing this already, but I think I need heavier weights for this now.  The 5-lb dumbbell is just too easy already.


  1. ohh.. i have love handle that need to get rid but i dont know when to start :-(

  2. Really sis??? Despite doing Yoga consistently? Awww then I better stick with my dumbbells hehehe. I've been doing this yesterday. My sides don't hurt, so maybe, I need more reps...or heavier weights.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. I am looking for other exercises that will help tone my tummy aside from the sets of sit-ups.