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Oct 18, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 18}: The Feet and Ankles

Now we come to the bottom of things...literally, as we talk about the ankles and feet and how to strengthen them.  Again, these two are very important for mobility and full range of motion.  We need to strengthen them too, to prevent injuries.  I think a sprained ankle is worse than an injured knee, as the ankles and feet bear the weight of the whole body.  They are the base support, so to speak and we know what a weak foundation spells out.  

I've scoured the internet to find good ankle and foot exercises and most of them are really very simple to do at the comfort of the home or office.  No special tools or equipment needed here.

  • Ankle rolls - Sit on a chair and cross your right leg over the left thigh.  The right foot should be hanging comfortable and the lower part of the leg rests firmly on the thigh.  Hold your right foot and rotate the ankle outwards for several repetitions, and then inwards with the same count.  Switch sides and do this with the left foot.
  • Heel drops - This is the opposite of calf raise.  But to be able to drop the heel, you must be standing on a surface slightly elevated from the floor, like a pile of books.  Step on this pile or elevated surface and balancing on the balls of your feet, letting half of the feet hang out, bring down the heel on the floor.  Bring the heel back up and repeat.
  • More ankle exercises HERE and HERE.
  • Plantar stretch - Do the starting position as the ankle rolls above.  Holding your toes, bend them toward the shin.  Feel the stretch at the bottom of the feet as you hold the position for several counts.  Repeat as desired then switch foot.
  • Towel Curls - Put a towel on the floor.  Sit with back straight, put your feet on the towel, with your heel at the edge of the towel nearest you.  Keeping the heels in place, with your toes, grab and crumple the tower in repeated motion until you've crumpled the whole towel towards you. Spread out the towel again and repeat.  For further challenge when you get good at this, put some weight on the end of the towel farthest from you.
  • Toe (Bunion) Stretch - This is my favorite after a long run or a tiring walk. I just grab the big toe and pull it gently away from the other toes while I'm pushing on the bony growth at the side of the toe.  While I only have a mild bunion on the left toe, I also do this on the right toe to prevent the bony growth.  

This is Day 18 of the series on Steps to Fit and Strong.


  1. This is what I needed, I remember when I play badminton I always get ankle injury dahil cguro sa sobrang bigat ko na ang walang proper exercise.

  2. Yes, with the footwork in badminton you have to have proper balance not to trip and hurt yourself. Me, I have a lot to improve in the footwork pa hehe.

  3. Hey dear why I can't comment on your latest post?

    How are you?