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Oct 22, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 22}: Ready to Run?

Just RUN!

I have asked myself that question more than a year ago.  There was no question that I would love to do it and that spells out the difference.  Nobody really had to force me to run.  The only question is, can I do it?  Hence, the question on readiness.  But once I took the plunge and decided I can do it or at least try to do it, I was hooked.  Since then, I have been joining fun runs, starting at distance of 5 kilometers and as of this writing, I have joined three 10-K runs already.  

As to progressing to half marathons and even remotely a full marathon, I'm not yet sure.  I'm in no rush since running is just a personal thing, almost like a hobby and I'm not aiming for a few minutes of glory on the awarding platform.  To be honest, I don't even care much about medals.  Knowing me, they will just gather dust or get rusty in time.  It's always been the running experience that's my take home in every run.  That, and some loot bags lol!
I suppose, running is not for everyone.  If you've got the slightest hint of interest in this activity but have not been into it yet, asking that question above may be the first thing you have to do.  

Wikihow says the best way is to simply have a test run.  That's assuming of course that you are in a condition to run. So to be safe, have your health check and doctor's approval first, if necessary.  Now that we have that out of the way, I'd just like to share the link to an older post, one I have written to answer a query from a reader.  Just scroll down to the bullet points at the end of the article on Tips for Starting an Early Morning Running Habit.  If you prefer an evening run, it's basically the same, minus the alarm clock to wake you up.

There are also some running programs you can follow such as these:
Running has a lot of health benefits.  Women's Health gives 6 Reasons to Start Running.  That's just 6.  I could list some more, if this article isn't getting too long already.  That only means I'm pretty much convinced based on experience.  

Running is a strenuous activity.  You got to have the heart for it, meaning you love it and your heart and body can take the workout.  So preparation plays a vital role.  You start easy and build it up on the way

This is Day 22 of Steps to Fit and Strong series.


  1. Very useful information sis! :) Keep at it!

  2. This is very helpful information about running, and you are right. It needs preparation and love, in order to be successful.:)

  3. a very informative post indeed. i'll have this bookmarked in case i finally decide to take up running.

  4. siguro if wala pa kami baby ng hubby ko, madalas kami sa mga fun runs. we're both interested actually, sumasali pa nga siya dati sa mga trail runs noon before we got married. pero now that we have a child and walang yaya, no chance yet. Hahaha! siguro pag medyo malaki laki na si baby namin para we could join yung mga family fun run including kids. :-) thanks for sharing this. this could come in handy talaga. :-)

  5. Are you joining tomorrow's 7-11 fun run?

  6. Hi Anne! Nope, I didn't join their fun run. I have sworn off 7-11 hosted fun runs and as much as I can avoid it, I don't patronize the stores anymore. I've had a rather bad experience with them (race organizer and a particular store outlet)