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Oct 7, 2013

{Fit and Strong Day 7}: Buff Biceps

I'm flexing my arms right now.  I think I have decent biceps and I think I owe it to washing all my clothes by hand lol!  When the washing machine broke down, I didn't purchase a new one.  Thought I'd do mother nature some service in my own little way, and consequently give a natural workout to these biceps.  Still, I think these muscles could be firmed up some more for a more defined look.  

Like I said, I use dumbbells most often, so I am familiar with the usual bicep curls.  I just didn't realize there were so many of these curls!  And these variations even have more sub-variations, depending on whether you're standing up, sitting down, in prone position, or lying face up on a workout bench.  And that's just for dumbbells....try barbels, or cables weights.  So much workout for just the arms.  Don't believe me?  Check out these Dumbbell Exercises for Biceps.

My favorite biceps routine using dumbbells is this:
  • One at a time biceps curl  -  the palm is facing up in the direction of the lift.
  • Hammer curl - done one at a time or simultaneous, the palms are facing each other and it does look like hammering motion.  
  • Concentration biceps curl - this is done seated, with the elbow resting on the thigh or knee.
This last one, I'd really like to try, after I finish writing this.  It's a good addition to my routine.  It's called the weighted jump rope.  How is this done?  
  • You hold a dumbbell in each arm, as if you're holding the handles of a jumping rope. Palms should be facing the front, and elbows bent in a 90 degree angle.
  • Now stand, with feet hip width apart.
  • You know how to jump rope right?  So pretend there's a rope as you jump, forming small circles with the dumbbells.  Just be sure the weights are not too heavy because you're twirling, instead of curling.
Isn't that fun?  The jumping is good cardio as well but if you just want to concentrate on the arms, then don't jump and just do the circling motion with the arms.  

Buff biceps, here we go!

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  1. I want to have nice biceps too. I used to have a pair of dumb bells so I better start locating them now because I totally forgot where I kept them when I rearranged room when I gave birth. I want to try that weighted jump rope too.

  2. I was able to give my arms a workout before nung lagi pang kinakarga si Yuri. Pero ngayon, hindi na! Thanks for your tips, Aileen! :D