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A short explanation to My Goals ---> Goal Setting for Better Health

Ultimate Goals :  
  • To live a healthier lifestyle by forming good health habits
  • To abate the onslaught of full blown hypertension ( forgive the melodramatic tone)
  • To prove (more to myself) that my condition is still reversible and I can still be drug free in the future
  • Maintain an average ideal blood pressure of 110/70 mmg Hg
  • To inspire people who struggle with health

=>Health Goals for 2013

Health Goals for 2012

January - My damage control month (after the long holidays)
  • Eat more real foods and take on a more concrete healthy diet plan
  • Monitor my sodium intake
  • Develop an exercise routine to jump start fitness activities
  • Be consistent with at least one healthy habit this month

February - Setting the pace

  • Continue with the diet plan - to have increased servings of fruits and veggies
  • Be more strict in limiting sodium intake to a maximum of 1,500 mg
  • Healthy habit 2: Be consistent with 7 - 8 glasses of water (when doing normal activities)
  • Take 6,000 steps per day (minimum)

March - Setting the pace and marching on

  • Go back to February goals that are not yet achieved
  • Do the "Burn More Fat Workout Plan" 3x a week
  • Stepping it up : Minimum steps per day = 8,000

 April to June - Stepping it up for fitness

  • Maintain weight at 116 lbs  (minimum at 115 lbs and maximum at 118 lbs)
  • Improve waist to hip ratio (WHR)
  • Exercise at least 3x a week, concentrating on strength training and toning of muscles

    July to September - Running for health

    • Continue to maintain weight at 116 lbs  (minimum at 115 lbs and maximum at 118 lbs)
    • Keep working on those stubborn stomach flabs and improve WHR - let's bring out those ABS!
    • Exercise daily and incorporate running / jogging
    • Join fun runs at least once a month

    October to December - Cardio and Strength Boosting Phase
    • Build stronger abdominal and work for a better WHR
    • Maintain BMI in healthy range
    • Schedule more running activities
    • Join three more 5K fun runs