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May 31, 2012

I Thought I Was an Apple

Waist Bend by lululemon athletica
Waist Bend, a photo by lululemon athletica on Flickr.
Since I started losing weight and after hitting my goal weight, I noticed just a tad of curve around the midsection. I said just a tad because I still need to work around my middle part where the hard-to-lose fat is located.  So yeah, I am trying to sculpt my midsection and letting those abdominal muscles re-surface.  Last time I saw them was probably a decade ago when I was living a more active lifestyle and I still live with my mom who cooks healthier foods.  Now I get to see her about two weekends in a month so I'm left to fend for myself and as I have mentioned before, I was not exactly choosing healthy foods.

So, what's the fuss about trimming my waistline?  Have I suddenly become vain?  Well, it doesn't hurt to look good but like I said before in my previous posts, my journey is not about looking great on the outside, but trying to be healthy from the inside out.  So going back to the waist trimming issue.... why is it necessary?  Well you know about maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) right?  That's just half of the story.  

The Waist to Hip ratio (WHR) is the other index for gauging overall health and this indicates fat distribution around the body.  Generally, men are apple-shaped and women are pear-shaped, but those are not absolutes. I know that because I am apple-shaped and I know I am not the only woman who is shaped like that.  Do you know your WHR?  If you don't, you can use this CALCULATOR to find out.

Interestingly, when I used that calculator, I found out I am not really an apple, but more of an avocado.  But wait! There's more.  According to WellBeing, there is still a fourth fruit shape. Let's not spoil the surprise...just click on the site link where they explained each shape in detail.  I am just thankful I am not in that category.  And just imagine if your WHR tells you you're a pineapple or a sugar-apple hahaha!

Before we end up with fruit salad, we'd better talk about the significance of these shapes.  Okay, so I used to be an apple but now I am an avocado.  That is a good thing because as an apple, I am really at high risk of having hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  Going down to the avocado range tells me I have lowered the risk somehow.  Is it possible for me to be pear-shaped to further reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease?  Some say we cannot alter our shape going from one extreme to another.  Following that logic, then I should just stay on the avocado range.  But something tells me, I can be somewhere in the pear region if I can further reduce my waist circumference but,  I have to really build up my gluteus maximus.  Good thing I love doing lunges and squats.  It's worth a try...all for the sake of health...

So, let's shape up!


  1. waaahhh!!! waistline!!! my HUGE problem since giving birth last October...i've tried your link to the calculator... and im an apple!!! waaahhh!

  2.  Charm, the good thing with being an apple is that it's easier to lose weight compared to pears.  I know I read that somewhere.  :-)

  3. that's nice to know Aileen! :-) iv lost 30lbs in 3mos before thru running and around 1500 cal diet a day... that was easy because i cook my own food in Manila so i can control what to prepare...but now im staying with my parents...major major challenge talaga.... although iv lost 10lbs already but im still 20lbs and 4inches away from my goal... ;-) hehehe 

  4. Tummy is my problem too. The preggy tummy didn't go away that much but I can say hindi naman ganun kalaki pero pag naupo na ayan na. Hehe...

    Mommy Maye2

  5. I think the midsection is really the most difficult to sculpt. That is one of my wish too.