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May 17, 2012

Workplace Workout

Some months ago, my colleagues and I went scouting for gyms nearby the workplace. We figured it would be cool to go to the gym together after work. Doing activities together is one good way to motivate one to pursue fitness.  But most of those gyms we found are the kind that caters more for men who wanted to only pump irons and build bulky muscles.  One gym offered aerobic-yoga classes so we tried that one.  We lasted for a few sessions but the desire to come back soon fizzled.  Well, for one, in terms of overall hygiene, the facility is not well maintained.  We gave it a try, hoping things would improve since it's newly established, but we realized the owner have no plans of improving things anytime soon.  So we simply stopped going there. 

Other nice looking gyms are ,as expected, more expensive and beyond our respective budgets.  Also, most of them are not within the vicinity so that would mean additional expenses in terms of transport fare, not to mention being too tired to travel after a workout.  I have not given up though.  Something would turn up later, but what to do in the meantime?  We can't put off fitness for that long.  At least on my part, I cannot afford to just stand by and wait for the guava to fall from the tree.  My health is ticking!

If you're like me who spends most of my waking hours in the office, I figured it would be a good idea to incorporate some workouts during the day instead of just sitting behind the office desk.  When it comes to health and fitness, I should find more ways of going about it, like this woman.  Cool huh?

Stretching at cash by lululemon athletica
Stretching at cash, a photo by lululemon athletica on Flickr.

Except of course, I can't come to work wearing shorts like that or any gym attire. Oh yeah, I remember doing the Burn More Fat Workout Plan from RealAge some months back.  I think it's worth doing some of those moves at more regular intervals now.  In fact, for a few days, I have been more acquainted with my dumbbells once again.  Aside from that, I have been using my office desk for push ups.  No I'm not on top of the desk.  Goodness! They'll think I lost my marbles.  Picture a ladder leaning on a wall at a 60-degree angle...that's basically my starting position for the push-up.  I try to maintain the alignment as I lower and push-up my body.  It feels good after doing 15 repetitions.  Sometimes, I can go up to 20 on days when I am more energetic.

I have already started to do this the last few days and I plan to make this my work day routine for now:
  • Brisk walking going to the office.  That's an average of 500 steps.
  • Basic 18 steps of Chen-style Tai ji (Whenever no one's watching.  I could manage to do it at least 3x a week)
  • Office table push-ups at 15 reps minimum.  When I am up to it, I'll try to actually do some on the floor. 
  • Selected exercises from the Burn More Fat Workout Plan (can't do the crunches in the office)
  • Walk around the shop floor to reach my minimum of 6,000 steps per day.  I pegged that a couple of months before at 8,000 steps per day but since I am doing other exercises, I'm going a bit easy on the walking part for now.  
  • More stretching, specially for the sides.  (I'm trying to whittle the waist some more).
  • Lunges where I move around, carrying 5-lb dumbbells in each hand.  It's like walking in lunges.  Am sure you get the idea hehehe.  It's a good cardio exercise and it works out the glutes and thighs.  I make about 30 lunges around the office.  
  • Leisurely walk going home...that's another 500 steps.
Basically, it's still a low impact routine.  That explains why I don't feel very sore the following day except for the glutes and thighs.  That's it for now but I plan to intensify the workouts later.  I'm doing this one step at a time and trying to be consistent with it.  


  1.  I hope this new comment platform doesn't give us headaches anymore  :-)  Haven't been seeing script error yet... Metafit seems like a good workout challenge

  2. it's really ok to go exercise after work... as long as your not too stressed to take off stress... hehe...
    still it better when you have enough rest before exercising to avoid hurting yourself..
    cheers! :)
    Everything Etcetera

  3. While at home and outdoor are a good option to save money, there can be a lot of benefits waiting for you in going to gym. You will have the opportunity to expand your social ring by making new friends, meeting new people with the same interest most likely encourages and motivates you to work out effectively. Se1 gym.

  4. Your dedication to staying fit is truly admirable. How I wish I have the same drive.

  5. Our workplace has a hall where a group does zumba and the like after 5 pm MWF... have to start soon...

  6. I already planned to jog 30 minutes every other day and do some sit-ups and push up on the interval. Hope this works on my goal for this year.

  7. There's no excuse pala to have your exercise. hehehe

  8. Good tips! :D In our office, we started this year the 3 o-clock habit. We would take a break from work and do some workout for 10 minutes. It is a lot of fun! :D

  9. Hayy, I have been terrible in my diet and exercising the past few months...I really need to convince myself na...