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Jun 2, 2012

More Ideas for Office Workouts

Free stylin' by lululemon athletica
Free stylin', a photo by lululemon athletica on Flickr.
It's a cold, windy day as there is a typhoon somewhere in the country. I have not checked where it will traverse exactly but I'm feeling the effects. I woke up earlier at around two in the morning because of the gusty wind and strong rain beating on my windows.  No, this is not your weather girl hahaha! I just like to point out that today is a perfect day to curl up in bed and be lazy.  But I got work on a Saturday so I already got up (grudgingly) at past five in the morning to get ready.
And now, at half past eleven, I am mostly sitting behind my desk for the last four hours.  I was exercising my brain, okay?  Was reading stuff and what-have-you's, until I felt my right arm getting a bit stiff holding the mouse.  That's a signal to get up and get moving. 

Since I've been more aware of my activity level, I've been more creative at how to keep myself moving in the office. And as I was browsing the web, I found these great sites.  I think I will do some mixing and matching of those and come up with a personal routine (Frankenstein routine if you may call it that) that I can do for this month.

Here are some office workout ideas that I found:

I'm sure you can find more links on the internet.  Just make sure you don't accidentally kick an office mate or worse, your boss hahaha!

Now I don't have an excuse to be lazing around even on this sleep-inducing weather. 


  1. It's good for SAHMs too right! Hubby's teasing my abs already. Just because he lost some of his belly fats from jogging but I can't jog much because of my heart condition. Anyway I hope I can do this. Thanks for the share!

  2. Right you are can even do more workouts at home and you can always choose your own time.  :-)  I miss jogging too...

  3.  Workplace then would probably be a more apt can actually even do this at home  :-)

  4. I would love to have six pack abs haha. Iisa pa lang na malaking lumpy one pack nakikita ko lol. I think it is the problem of office workers. Laging nakaupo. those links you mentioned are helpful