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Mar 5, 2012

Goal Update for February

My workload has definitely thrown me off track last month. With just four blog posts in a month...could you believe that?  It happens sometimes, I guess.  I cringe at the thought of giving the end of month update specifically because I have not accomplished much...and this update is five days late!  But I have given my word, and though this is late, here's a short rundown for the February goals:

Continue with the diet plan - to have increased servings of fruits and veggies

I am definitely having more fruits and veggies in my diet, but I feel I could still do better.  I get around 2-3 servings per day of combined fruits and veggies.  I am aiming to have four or more servings per day. 

Be more strict in limiting sodium intake to a maximum of 1,500 mg

I don't have the exact figures right now as I am not able to update my fitness pal account (my bad!).  But I still maintain a log of my food intake.  I have a separate planner I use solely for jotting down the food I eat, the number of daily steps, and my water intake.  I think I still go over 1,500 mg of salt in some days because I don't always prepare my own food.  

Healthy habit 2: Be consistent with 7 - 8 glasses of water (when doing normal activities)

This habit has not yet kicked in quite well.  There are days I manage 7 or 8  glasses of water.  But on the average, I am just on the 5th or 6th glass.  I have not given up though.  This seems to be easy for some, but it's taking me a while.  I'm getting there.

Take 6,000 steps per day (minimum)

I got good news for this one.  Although I may have gone below the 6000 steps in some days, my average for last month is 7,577 steps.  Being busy at work helped with the walking thing.  I had to go back and forth between two offices (yep I have two offices now).  But I feel better with all that walking, knowing I am more active and not confined to an office chair.

There you go.  I hope I perform better this month.

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