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Feb 28, 2012

Step Up to Health With Omron HJ-005

I got a new gadget that I wasn't planning to buy anytime soon.  But "clumsy" me forgot to take out the credit card from my wallet and the temptation turned into an "indulgence."  I'm not a chronic impulse buyer but I just had the strong feeling last Sunday that it's a good time to finally buy my own pedometer.  Hahaha! Besides, it's already past the cut off date for my billing cycle so I have time to save for until April when I have to pay for the gadget.  

Anyway, I was trying out my Omron HJ-005 since yesterday.  So far, I am happy with it.  It has the basic function of counting steps and a way to adjust the sensitivity to plus or minus a number of steps.  I am not really that obsessed with getting the accuracy right to the dot.  I simply needed a way to count my daily steps.  That's it.  I didn't get the more expensive model that tells you how many calories were burned. The simpler the gadget, the better.  Well, here's my new "toy"

What I like about my new pedometer is that it's small compared to other models that look like bulky stopwatches or timers.  This one is just as long as my pinkie finger (and I have a relatively small hand).  It doesn't bulk up when I clip it on my belt.  The clip is really sturdy and won't fall off easily, but for added security, I put a short lanyard.  The best part is that it has a cover so one would not accidentally push the reset button.  Basically, you just clip it and walk away.  Nice huh? 

So I guess it's time to hand over the Pokewalker back to my nephews. Good bye Bellsprout.  It was nice walking with you for more than a month.

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