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Mar 5, 2012

I Heart Good Health's New Home

packing up by mitchgibis
packing up, a photo by mitchgibis on Flickr.

I have packed up and decided to move to a new home.  Not literally though.  I'm referring to this site I call my home online.  It still looks the same.  I decided to retain everything else for now.  I'll get to the design part later on when I'm not busy with offline work.  So for now it's like moving to a new home with all your old stuff.    There are some loose ends that still need to be fixed because of the new URL (  This site is still in the transition stages so bear with it for a while.  

What got into me in the first place?  First it was the page ranking just last month.  I wasn't expecting to get a PR of 1 with just barely a two-month old blog back then.  I almost did a cart wheel over that hahaha!  I'm probably over reacting there but it was really unexpected so I was naturally raving over it and extremely grateful to all the site visitors who took the time to read, browse, and comment on this site. 

I was also inspired by a fellow writer and good friend from Online Writing Ideas.  Reading her posts and answers to all my queries further encouraged me to take the plunge and buy my own domain name.  So here I am, still figuring things out, learning the ropes, setting up some things but it's good to go.  Change is good, and learning new things is always exciting! 

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