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Jan 6, 2018

PROJECT WOMAN: Athena for the Active Woman

First post of the year, so first of all, a happy new year to everyone!  

Right, resolutions....  And what better way to start the year than to set health goals!  I've been out from blogging for quite sometime and during that span of time, my body has gone through a lot of changes.  At some point, I was super active with work that it was hardly an effort to stay slim.  I ate a lot, mind you and yet I was down to my lowest BMI ever and if I had exerted more effort into exercising, I'd probably see well defined abs.  

Well, fast forward to a couple of months ago, and here I am covered in flabs once again.  So much for the abs hahaha!  Time to do some reality check.  Lately, I've been on desk job and so I was sitting around most days.  The inevitable happened of course.  And so as my clothes were observably a bit more snug fitting, it is time to take some action.  

For starters, I've been doing longer walks lately, something I did't do for quite some time.  And in the coming weeks, I'll be back in line duty which involves more walking.  So, I am expecting more mobility these days, which is good!

Fitness and good health as we all know, is a combination of proper exercise and nutrition.  So as I am starting to move around more again, I also need to supplement my body with the proper nutrition.  

I'm basically a coffee fiend, so milk is not in my beverage list.  But at my age, I know I need the nutritional values found in milk, particularly for the bones.  I'm happy Unilab has the right milk that I could start with, without worrying about getting even plumper than I already am.

Introducing Athena, the milk especially formulated to meet a woman's special nutritional needs.



No other milk understands us better. Women like us, who are always on the go, seek to strike a balance between work and personal time to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why we need to stay fit and attractive, to look good and feel good whenever we can. We have unique needs that only women like us truly understand.

Here are some of the great nutritional benefits of Athena:

  • High Calcium essential for optimum bone health. It is also a source of Vitamins D and K, Magnesium and Phosphorus – nutrients to help maintain strong bones 
  • Low in Fat so you can enjoy this beverage without the risk of high caloric intake 
  • Source of Anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A & E and Zinc to help maintain healthy skin and promote optimum immune function. 

Athena comes in two flavors – Milk (180 grams – Php 130.00; 400 grams – Php 273.00) and Choco (180 grams – Php 130.00). It’s available online at and in-store at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, and Southstar.

Athena, a delicious beverage made just for us women! I would definitely buy this one on my next trip to the grocery or those drug stores and I'm loving that they have chocolate flavor!

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