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Sep 1, 2016

The Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC): A World-Class Philippine Dental Center

Tooth extraction, tooth fillings, root canal... these are some of the worst nightmares of most people.  Some people would even endure the pain rather than go through these procedures.  The mere mention of going to the dentist is already a cringe-factor to some people.  Thankfully, I have only personally experienced the first two procedures and I live in an age when anesthesia was already discovered long ago.  I guess, having my mom accompany me to the dentist when I was a kid also helped.  Still, I get that unsettling, nervous feeling sometimes when anything has to involve using needles and something used to pull teeth, which I think is a normal reaction.

Dental checkups and visits are most often regarded with fear for those who don’t generally practice correct oral hygiene and those who are already in extreme pain caused by cavities and a variety of other dental woes.   A dental visit is the fear of both young and old!
A dental center exists that changes the whole ball game and eliminates these fears and apprehensions. They ease the fear caused by how we were brought up…to fear the dentist and his office - that a visit to the dentist is closely associated with pain!

At the GAN ADVANCED OSSEOINTEGRATION CENTER or simply GAOC with its main clinic located at the ground floor of the posh The Residences at Greenbelt, Makati, all your fears are swept away as soon as you enter the state of the art dental center. The spacious receiving area will make anyone at ease with its modern and clean design. Big monitors show prominent individuals each giving their endorsement of the service provided by the GAOC, its Doctors, its staff and services. Reception and the initial consultation, the first steps, are processes in themselves that reassure patients have found the right dental partners because dental programs are specifically created and tailored for each patient.

GAOC Consultation Room

GAOC Receptionists

GAOC is the brain-child of Dr. Steve Mark Gan. A young and dynamic oral surgeon educated in both the Philippines and the United States who started GAOC in 2001.  He brings with him a fervent desire to succeed in his chosen field by ensuring that each and every patient is given the quality attention that they deserve. “Each Dentist and the staff at GAOC are committed to assist our patients and provide solutions that will fit their needs.  We listen to what they want to achieve and provide the world class solutions that we have made available and offer in the Philippines!” says Dr. Gan.
::Screen shot 2016-08-19 at 8.32.57 PM.png

GAOC is actually a “One Stop Shop” oral health center, as within its confines is a state of the art X-ray room that provides a 360 degree view of ones mouth. Extensive, state of the art, fully equipped surgical rooms allow dentists and assistants freedom of movement during major dental surgeries performed in house.  “This makes all our procedures time efficient and convenient as we do not have to outsource the service and make the patient return for another visit” says Dr. Gan.  “We also have a company laboratory partner that prioritizes our requirements for dental implants, crowns and dentures using the highest Japanese, Italian and German technologies and artisans to ensure that these look natural” he added.

GAOC Dr. Gan in action

Over the years, GAOC has built a reputation for quality as attested to by business leaders like Mr. Lucio Tan and politicians like former President Joseph Estrada. Actors and Actresses have flocked to GAOC seeking that perfect statement smile they need to maintain.  These include Boy Abunda, Piolo Pascual, Derek Ramsay, Sarah Geronimo, Kim Chiu, John Lloyd Cruz and Lovi Poe among others, all of whom provide proof of the high quality of services and results provided by GAOC.

GAOC onsite lab

GAOC provides the following world-class services: Implant Dentistry & Oral Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry among others.  All provided by 27 professional, experienced, highly skilled, locally and globally certified Dental Medical Doctors (DMD’s) led by Doctor Steve Mark Gan himself. Highly competent support staff ensures the highest global standards are implemented and maintained in GAOC.

GAOC Dental Surgery Room
GAOC Xray and CT Scan Room

“We believe in providing the ultimate premium experience in dental solutions and highest global standards of services for all our patients’ dental needs. And in GAOC it is not just a smile, it is always a statement that we strive for in our results!” according to Dr. Gan.
::GAOC facade greenbelt .png

 “It’s not just a SMILE. It’s a STATEMENT!”

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