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Jan 11, 2012

Goal Setting For Better Health

I decided to put up a separate page for my goals, so they don't get buried somewhere there among my posts.  I'd like to be reminded also of what I have to do and why I am doing things.  I'm not really much into those resolutions that a lot of people do at the start of the year.  It's not that I live my life haphazardly.  I guess I just don't dig writing those down.  Why?  Maybe because those are just floating goals that I am not so dead serious about.  And I realize that is a big mistake.  All those goals swimming around my head most often don't get anywhere because I never write them down, so I never kept track and before long, they're lost in oblivion, like disintegrated particles.  It's such a waste because at some point, they seem like bright ideas.  (Yep I am capable of coming up with bright ideas hahaha!) So now I am jumping on the bandwagon, not because it's hip and a fad during the New Year.  I just think it's a sensible idea.

If you care to take a peak (spelling blooper) peek, my goals are HERE (uh click on the word "here" can't possibly be lost).   I'm taking things the turtle way...slow but sure. But mind you, turtles can also run, meaning I may have to kick my butt at some point if I'm going too slow in achieving my personal goals.  It's what I would call a dynamic goal. Why? Because it's being developed over time.  Goals for each month are meant to be done within the end of that month.  So there will be updates every month.  If for some reasons I forget, you can humiliate me in blogosphere.  Oh yeah, I'm putting my reputation on the line, an effective motivational tool according to some wise people. 

An added bonus:  If I fail to update, I'll change my profile picture to this:
A snail rides a turtle
 P.S.  Those are health goals only.  I have other goals in other aspects of life....just so you know hahaha!


  1. you really have a nice goal. how i wish i can do this, i don't exercise and i'm a meat lover. =) but because i'm gaining weight now, i'm starting to include my health in my personal goals. crossing my fingers.

    1. Hi Michi! That's great! Oh you don't have to stay away from need that. Everything in moderation and you'll have no problem. Thanks for dropping by! :-)