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Feb 19, 2013

Curves Gym: Strengthening Women

Some months ago, my colleagues and I were scouting for a gym where we could workout regularly. Unfortunately most of these gyms within our vicinity are leaning more towards workouts for men, specifically those who are trying to burst their bodies trying to build those humongous muscles that seem to have a life of their own. We figured that's no place for us gals who just want to do fitness routines rather than join body building contests.

More than three weeks ago, I had the privilege to be introduced to Curves. I received an email from Ms. Leizel, who happened to stumble upon this blog.  She invited me to try out their circuit workout and Zumba fitness.  I honestly have not heard of Curves (forgive me for the ignorance) until I read that email, so I had to Google it up.  I was so thrilled at what I found out.  It's a gym for women only!  Not that I have anything against guys hehehe.  But I feel more comfortable doing workouts with people of the same species, if you know what I mean.  I immediately replied to the email, and confirmed that I will be trying out their facility located at Bonifacio Global City.  I know I was pushing it a bit, but I asked her if it's alright to bring along two of my colleagues who were actually also as eager as I am to try it out.  She said yes, so last January 31, we were off the office by  5:01 pm to head to our appointment.

Here's a walk-through of my experience at Curves:

Very friendly and professional staff

Upon entering the gym, we were already greeted by the friendly lady  at the reception area.  I asked for Ms. Anne to whom Ms. Leizel endorsed us.  We were actually a few minutes earlier but instead of letting us wait for the appointed time, Ms. Anne was already there to get right down to business.  And since we were endorsed properly, it saved me the time and effort of having to explain what we were doing there.

Assessment and goal setting

We filled out questionnaires and we were asked individually about our reasons or motivation for trying out the Curves circuit workout.  I think that's an important question to ask each prospective client.  It's from there that one can get an idea of the best approach in helping out each person achieve her personal goals.

All three of us had our measurements taken: weight, height, bust line, waist line, hips, biceps, and thighs, and also the body fat percentage.  From there, we were given goals to start with, like how many inches or pounds to reduce, or if there's a need to target a lower BMI and fat percentage.  While I probably have to whittle away some bulges on the midsection, the assessment on me is that I just need to tone and firm up since my BMI and body fat percentage are all in the normal range.  

The Curves circuit workout

Before we started getting on the workout, Ms. Joanne explained to us our individual target heart rates.  This is important so we can check later if we're overdoing the workout or if we needed to put some more effort.  The fat burning zone, according to Ms. Anne (who is also the Assistant Manager as I found out later) is at heart rates ranging from 50 - 85% higher than the resting heart rate.

The workout station is arranged in a circular fashion, minimizing the chance of bumping into each other going from one equipment to the next.  Very systematic, if you ask me.  One simply has to follow the circuit, so you don't have to struggle anymore thinking what gym equipment to use next.  It's a 30-minute routine, which would translate to 2 rounds.  There's a voice cue announcing when to move to the next station (30-second interval per station).  In between machines, there's a recovery station where one can walk,jog in place, do some jumping jacks or even dance. Twice during one complete round, we were asked to take our pulse rates to see if we're reaching our target heart rates.

The Circuit

Some machines were not that hard to figure out, but I needed assistance in some of the rest.  Ms. Joanne, the assisting coach, gladly explained and demonstrated how to use each equipment, emphasizing the proper form to get maximum workout while avoiding injuries.  As explained, the machines are the hydraulic resistance types.  What does this mean?  Resistance is dependent on the individual.  The faster you move the higher the resistance.   The equipment gives only as much force as you give it.  Quoting Ms. Anne, " It is safe for all women of any age and fitness level."

Members doing the workout

A minimum of just 3x per week, doing 2 rounds of the 24 stations for a total of 30 minutes is all it takes to see results after a given period.  I'm assuming for at least a month, one would already see or feel positive results.  It actually depends on each person.  These pieces of equipment are also interchanged to provide variation.

After the workout, there's a stretching station where one could cool down and stretch those taut muscles.

My take on the Curves Circuit workout

Three words: I love it!  Like I said, this is the gym I was looking for.  It fits my basic requirements for a gym such as:
  • Supportive coaches and staff.  I've never met more accommodating women than these ladies 
  • Clean and well-maintained equipment and workout area, including the dressing and rest rooms
  • Effective and safe workout (too bad we missed the Zumba class)
  • Privacy - You know the fish in the aquarium scenario?  Nothing like that since the glass walls are frosted.  So you can sweat and work it out without passers by oggling at you.
  • Membership fees are competitive compared to other leading gyms.  There's also no tie ups like annual membership (the staff would be glad to explain this in more detail)
  • BONUS : No men!  Again, I have nothing against the male species.  Its just a personal preference and I like that everything about Curves caters to women's workout needs for a change.  

To be honest, if it weren't for the location, I would have already signed up for membership without blinking twice.  BGC, Taguig is just way too far from where I work and live, which is also another factor to consider.  I really wish Curves would branch out to other locations, say Makati area for instance.  That's more accessible for the three of us.

Me with Shirley and Cecil (Top right photo from Curves FB page)

Circuit workout equipment

So you ladies out there, if you haven't started out yet, this is an excellent way to kick start your fitness routine.  By the way, Curves has different branches worldwide, so why not find a location nearest you?

They also have a 50 % off plus 30 days free promo this February.  You read that right!  

For more inquiries or to call for an appointment:

for Philippine residents:
Curves Bonifacio Global City
2/F Serendra McKinley Parkway
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+63 2 8280208 / +63 917 8708870
+63 920 9499851 / +63 922 8170353

for international:

P.S.  If you live somewhere in Taguig or BGC is very much accessible to you, let me know.  I have a little surprise for you.  

Technical details provided by Ms. Anne
Individual photos c/o Ms. Czai of Curves Marketing Dept.
Ms. Jen and Ms. Joanne for the assistance
Photos in collage from my two colleagues

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for this article post.  I was only invited to try out the circuit workout and I am simply sharing my experience.


  1. How interesing that they have made innovations like the Circuit workout! I really expect that the women will gain more curves!

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  10. Hello A ! BGC is where I spend my workout at the park during weekends from 5:30 am to 7am. It is accessible from Convergys G5 where I work.I would love to go to this place and visit.

    So what's your surprise ? Lol !

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    Mommy Maye

  17. @SarahBucu:disqus and @twitter-625114601:disqus , Ms. Anne Vista of Curves gave me the go-signal for both of you to visit the gym, have your initial assessment and try out the circuit workout. Please make an appointment through phone so they can schedule you to try out for free. Excited for both of you actually. You'll love it!

  18. great to know that there's this gym for women
    the circuit looks great

  19. I got an invite din by Liezel kaya lang I told her I am in Baguio. Sayang!(btw, nalito ata siya sa isang e-mail nya, she called me Aileen. hehe)

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    Aileen, let's plan a get-together. Yes?

  25. I love this idea! The place looks so clean and dainty too, for women talaga. I guess those gals who are looking for dates in gyms wouldn't find one here. Hehe!

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    1. Yes will email you soon... Regarding my roadtrip post, i decided to edit the title since those shots were taken along SCTex :D ... time flies noh? March na!

  27. Clean and dainty talaga...girly but not too much with the frills. You'll love the ambiance....Oh yes, no guys so no distractions and you focus on the workouts. Some gym-goers kasi they just do it to socialize and yes, snag dates lol!

  28. Khimbyrlee EerlrybmihkFebruary 25, 2013 at 12:25 AM

    I wanted to go to a gym but I still can't afford it. :) I'm doing it on my own with the help of some video I watch over the websites. :)

  29. Oh this a gym exclusive for women? I think it's a good idea! :) hahaha

  30. cool! If only there is Curves here in CDO I'll surely try it. :)

  31. Lea Angelica Yhabz GhinnoJuly 24, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    hi, can i ask how much is the rate in this gym? coz im afraid i can't afford it just like any other gym.

  32. Hi Lea. I'm not really sure about the rate as they had a promo when I went there. If I'm not mistaken, it's more or less 2K per month, and that is unlimited use if I'm not mistaken. So it's up to you how long you plan to do your sessions. Recommended is at least 3x per week but you can do more than that. My suggestion is you go and visit them to ask about their rates as they do a lot of promos and you just might chance upon a good bargain.

  33. Hi! I live near Serendra. I've been looking for a gym that is only for women cause I really feel awkward when there are men. Haha.

  34. Hi Melody! Have you checked out Curves yet? You should try it. I'm sure you'll like the men, no mirrors (at least in the exercise area), and very private, not like some gyms where you feel like a fish in a people gawking at you as you do your fitness routine. :-)