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Mar 9, 2012

Philippine Society of Hypertension

It's time to be on the loop.  If there are societies for hypertension worldwide, there is definitely one in the Philippines.  Mr. Google is my research buddy so I head over to the site and keyed in this phrase "Filipinos and hypertension."  After 0.28 seconds, it coughed up 158,000 results.  Yeah I know...slow huh?  Just kidding.  It's good to know that we have our own Philippine Society of Hypertension.  After all, one of the country's top main health concerns is the "silent killer." 

I'm still reading some articles.  It was cool to know that there is one day dedicated to hypertension and as you can see from the above picture, it is this coming May 17,  2012.  In fact, as I have just read from the site, May is "Hypertension Awareness Month."   I suppose things that are important deserve a day or a month, either to celebrate, commemorate or to have meaningful discussions like conventions.  

As part of awareness campaign, they also have a downloadable comics written in Filipino.  Surely I wouldn't let that pass so I downloaded my own copy.  Who knows?  I might be able to share it to those who might benefit from it.  Anyway, I just had to laugh a bit as I scrolled to the last page,  right at the bottom where they put the sponsor.  It says there: "Compliments of Neobloc."  I would have been nonchalant about it but Neobloc is also known as tadaaaaaa...Metoprolol, my nemesis!  Talk about the irony of things.  Kidding aside, the comics is a good way to promote hypertension awareness.  There's just one thing there that I am not buying totally.  One of the characters there said that once you have hypertension, you have to take medication for life.  I'll try to prove that wrong.  

Going back to the badge above, I really heart that tag line :  

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Blood Pressure

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