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Mar 7, 2012

Lipid Profile Update

Yesterday morning, as I was already at the top of the stairs going to the laboratory, that's the only time it hit me that I was going for a needle pricking session once again.  Getting used to it, I just took one deep breath and entered the room to see the phlebotomist again after just about two months.  Just to make sure, I reminded her again that it's me, the patient with the hard-to-locate veins.  I don't relish being poked by needles more than what was necessary.  Same as last January, she had to jab the needle where it really hurts, on a side vein.  I knew what to expect now so it wasn't that painful anymore.  After she inserted the needle, I even mustered enough courage to look as blood was flowing inside the very own precious blood.  It was somewhat surreal, seeing a big needle enter my skin, pierce a vein, and see blood being drawn out.  Okay enough!  I'll spare you the gory details as I might be scaring someone who's about to have his or her blood extracted hahaha! 

I finally got the results today and my lipid profile has improved compared to the previous test.  That means I no longer need to take Lipitor (Atorvastatin) to control my cholesterol level.  I only need to be as disciplined as I can be with the food I eat.  I also need to stay active, exercise more, and have enough sleep.

My Lipid Profile
The doctor says the results are good, but I think the HDL value needs a little booster, just so it's within the limit.  So I asked him if it's okay for me to take Omega 3 supplements and he approved.  Of course I had to remind him also that I am back to Losartan as my blood pressure went up again after being off the medicine for about two weeks.  Sigh...It's not yet time to be totally medicine free but I'll get there.  I will, someday.  

On a side note, I have lost 2 more pounds.  Woohoo!  I'm down to 117 lbs, just one more pound to lose which is my weight target.  I'm loving veggies and fruits even more.  

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