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Mar 10, 2012

Annette Larkins' Journey to Health

I was researching for something a few hours ago but as you know with all the web links intertwining here and there and me being always curious about stuff, I stumbled upon this woman at this site.  The site had the word gossip there so I thought of probing some more because this might be some bogus, sensationalized article that is not uncommon on the internet.  Turns out to be legit, so it's not gossip after all! 

Nothing extraordinary about the picture of a woman, seemingly in her 40's right?  Except that as I was reading through, she was actually 30 years older!  I was simply dumfounded, realizing that I was looking at a 70-year old woman...and with a slim physique to boot!  One hot mama?  More like one hot grandma!  Woot woot!  Annette Larkins has truly found the proverbial fountain of youth.  Her husband has already gotten used to being referred to as his wife's father, or was that grandfather?  Hahaha! Watch this video so you'll understand what I am yakking about. 

Amazing woman!  I don't know if I could ever be a full-time vegan.  It takes a full turn around with regards to lifestyle and eating habits.  But enjoying slightly cooked vegetables is a good start for me, as well as eating more fruits in season.  I could learn to eat more raw foods that are plant-based.  Raw meats, I could only picture myself eating raw fish like those served in Japanese restaurants, but not anything that walks on two or more legs.  That is still repulsive to me and it would definitely require a huge change in mind set.  That would be a gigantic leap but I like to take my health journey one step at a time. 

Annette Larkins, you simply rock!

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