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Jan 6, 2012

Keeping Track of My Vitals With Handylogs and Soundtells

Yesterday, I was on a hunting spree for free trackers to aid me in monitoring my vital numbers, particularly my blood pressure.  After all, if I want to reach my goals, I need to keep track of my progress.  Ever since my doctor advised me to monitor my blood pressure, morning and evening, I kept track by recording the readings on paper.  But I keep misplacing my list hahaha!.  So, I figured I can't possibly misplace my office computer so I made an Excel file.  Then later, I could print the file to give to the doctor, instead of a tattered piece of paper with my handwriting.

I wanted to spice things up by using more fancy trackers, but that's just me.  Anyway, I found this freeware from Soundtells.  Check out the screenshot below.

They have other nifty trackers in the site.  Seeing a graphical trending instead of numbers in a row helps one to better analyze his or her progress. This program has a printing option that I find very useful.  Cool, right?

Of course, I can't always have my desktop PC around wherever I go.  I thought I could also use an application that I can download on my Blackberry phone.  I found one called the Handylogs Heart - Blood Pressure and Cholesterol TrackerWhat I have now are two data logs.  The downside is that since they are different programs, I can only synchronize data manually.  Oh but that's not a big deal for me.  What's important is to keep track and better monitor my blood pressure.

I'm sure you can find fancier trackers online.  These two work for me, for now.  Whatever ways you do it, as long as you keep track, that's what's more important.   

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  1. Good finds! I think things like this, of course depending on the person, make tracking more interesting. Otherwise, it could really be a chore having to monitor your BP levels day in and day out. :)