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Jan 6, 2012

Blood Chemistry Results

I have just gotten hold of the results of my blood chemistry test from yesterday.  It wasn't really a big surprise with the cholesterol values.  The holidays and all that "good" food has not been very forgiving to me.  I have shown here a comparison between the recent test and that of five months ago. The August result was almost okay except for the very low HDL value.  I understand that HDL is the good cholesterol so I am lacking something in my diet.  I must have overdone avoiding fatty foods.  The latest results however showed that I may have indulged myself over the holidays far more than my body could handle.  Take a look at the values.

I am not really that alarmed because the values merely went over the upper limit a little bit.  I feel confident that I could rectify that in a month's time by making healthier food choices and getting enough sleep.  Still, the doctor prescribed me with Atorvastatin from Pfizer and he gave me something to read, a little pamphlet titled  "Your Heart and Cholesterol.".  I am browsing over it right now.  It says there that an LDL value that falls within 130 - 159 mg/dl is already at the borderline high risk for heart disease.  And if the HDL value is less than 40 mg/dl, it is already considered high risk for heart disease.  Great!  I guess I should be alarmed after all.  Nah, I'm a lot tougher than that.  Numbers don't scare me that much unless they are glaringly over the norms.  For now, I've got to follow what the doctor says so off to the drug store once again.  Should I already avail of the Suki Card from Mercury Drug?  Just a thought....

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  1. I just had a thought. I'd probably be up for needle-pricking again after my Atorvastatin about 26 days...uh-oh...