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Dec 29, 2011

Cheap Home Exercise Equipment

Wow, the holiday sure is putting my resolve to maintain my ideal weight to the test.  I think my cheeks are getting a bit puffy and flabs around the middle are getting plumper by the day.  I have not really been gorging so much food.  Well okay, maybe I am eating a little more than I normally do when I'm on my own.  Or it's probably that I miss my mom's home cooking, so I'm taking advantage of it while I'm on my long vacation.  Also, I never have to wake up so early as I normally do when I have to report for work.  Add to that, I get to take naps in the afternoon when all chores are done.  Oh yeah, this is life...but I have got to do something about these flabs hehehe.

How I wish I had one of those home exercise equipment like that above, but I am not that rich to buy one for myself.  I couldn't do my Tai ji routine because my mom and my aunt might think I'm a cuckoo.  You see, when people don't appreciate or understand these things, they all think I'm strange.  So much for taking an interest in a martial arts form that's not native to this country.  In China, people wouldn't probably mind me.  Anyway, I can't do Tai ji for now, but I need some exercise.  The only exercise equipment I could find is this...(child not included)

Swabbing the floors by treehouse1977
Swabbing the floors, a photo by treehouse1977 on Flickr.

Yup, the good old mop and I partner that with a good old broom and dustpan.  It's a good cardio exercise but what makes it more challenging for me is to do the house cleaning as fast as I can.  Well, with three adorable nephews always running around, I have to be faster than them or I'll never get to see the fruits of my effort in cleaning the house.  Those three items take care of the cardio exercise.  Lifting weights is taken cared of by picking up my three-year old nephew so he would not run around so much and make a mess of things.  And yes, I do miss cuddling with the little boy.  Now, if I could just do some toning exercises then I'll be fine.  

Exercising does not have to be as expensive as buying your own equipment or joining a gym.  If you can have those, good for you.  But if that is not possible, we can always improvise.  Where there's a will, there are hundreds of ways to do it. 


  1. It's really good to have that kind of exercise equipment at home. I am guilty somehow that for the past year, I have neglected on doing some physical exercises. Luckily, when I had my check up recently, everything is kind of normal for me including my blood pressure, my weight, ECG, etc.
    Maybe doing some household chores like cleaning, washing clothes, etc can already be considered an exercise as long as your body is moving. What do u think Sis?

    1. Good for you Krizza that your vitals are normal. Yes, household chores are good exercise too, Sis. :-) As long as you move a lot during the day. There are many ways to keep one's self active. We just need to be creative at it.

  2. With that mop, you'll be hitting two birds with one stone. You'll burn calories while cleaning the house :). That's good motivation to do some housework.

  3. Creativity is the key. Sometimes, I have all sorts of excuses and refuse to do anything. :-) I just love being lazy. Haha! I'm glad though I found a walking buddy in my daughter. Naglilibot kami sa lugar namin. Anyway, please check the latest post. I tried putting a comment, but I just couldn't.

  4. A friend told me to over-react every move daw when doing chores so you're burning more calories.

    It's really difficult to keep a house clean when there are little critters who makes mess as their business. :)

  5. I actually want to own a treadmill before but I think I would prefer going to gym more than exercising alone at home. :(