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Jan 4, 2012

An Update on My Blood Pressure Monitoring

Smoothie and a Smile by gilmorec
Smoothie and a Smile, a photo by gilmorec on Flickr.

What a great way to start my first week at work. I am definitely smiling as I left the company dispensary a while ago.  Who wouldn't be happy when you know your vital signs are improving despite the long holidays when people are usually getting sick because of too much indulgence with all the "good" food.  The blood pressure monitor registered 110/80 mm Hg.  A second test was made using a portable digital blood pressure monitor and it gave a reading of 119/82 mm Hg.  So it's pretty much within that range.  Of course I'm still on the Losartan medication but sometime soon, the dosage will be reduced again to half, for another month and the doctor said we'll see from there if we can stop the medication again.  
Tomorrow, I'm going to have my blood tested for the routine lipid profile, blood sugar, and some additional tests that I will just detail later once I get the results.  Here we go again with blood extraction.  I was never really afraid of needles until an inexperienced med tech pierced me four times before getting enough blood for all the tests needed.  That memory is still very vivid.  I was clutching the armchair while she was drawing blood from the back of my hand.  Yes, the back of my hand!  I could feel the blood being sucked! She said she couldn't find the right vein to pierce on my upper arm, so she pierced me there.  Unfortunately, the vein collapsed before enough blood was drawn.  Finally, we both settled for the vein on my wrist.  Since then, I get jittery with needles, but I'll get through with this tomorrow just fine. 

Courage, girl!

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