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Jul 23, 2015

Writing Is Good For Your Health

My Planner and Journal
I've always considered writing as just a form of expression and partly a hobby.  But whether you're a writer/blogger or simply someone who keeps private journals, I'm sure you have found out already about writing's therapeutic benefits.  

I've always been an introvert and so I mostly kept journals when I was much younger.  I don't easily open up to people, but I could easily open up my heart to pen and paper and just write away in total abandon, not thinking about anyone's opinion or judgment.  So in some ways, the journal is like a best friend who can keep your innermost thoughts safe...that is until your sibling finds your journal and starts to quote things from the entries.  Arrrggggh!

Fast forward, in this digital age, I don't have to find a safe hiding place for my journals anymore.  Password protected digital journals are heaven sent indeed.  I just have to remember to lock the device hahaha! 

As I grew older, and as I wrote less silly and petty things (I hope), I found my way to blogging.  That totally opened new doors for me. I was hesitant at first, you know, introvert and all.  But I'm glad that I got into it.  It was a totally different experience, a much better one in my opinion.
Through the years, I found satisfaction and joy in writing and interacting with fellow writers/bloggers. And I get this chance of "meeting" like-minded people, whom I wouldn't have "met" in this lifetime if not for blogging.

But whether it be writing in a private journal or writing in a community of bloggers/writers, the health benefits are undeniable, and I like what this article says:

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