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Feb 11, 2014

Taking It Slow

It's been a while, but I'm back! I've been trying to ease back into running (and writing). My last long run was during the first week of December last year. Well, you know with the holidays just around the corner that time, not much exercise followed after that 10K run.  Naturally, most of us gained pounds.  Tell me who didn't and I'll say you're simply incredible!  I've been trying to shake those extra pounds before I go back to running.  I'm just being kinder and more careful with my knees, the left one in particular. So no running until I lose a few pounds.

So while I wasn't running yet, I've been doing daily exercises last month.  The dumbbells were very handy.  I was also trying to curb the appetite, reminding myself that the pigging out days are over hehehe.  As we know, we can't outrun a bad diet.  

A week ago, I had my first run after almost two months!  I didn't exactly lose all the extra weight but I'm fitter to run, and excited to try my new Timex Marathon watch (hehehe).  The stopwatch is pretty handy.  I can time myself between intervals of running and walking.  It's also perfect for night running because of the indiglo feature.  It lights up for a few seconds with the touch of a button (lower right button).  Loving my new "toy!"

My new watch

My goal was that I should at least last for a minimum of 30 minutes. So what I did was to take it real slow.  Slow run it is.  I resisted the urge to sprint because I wouldn't last for even 10 minutes with my current condition.  As I progressed with my run, I felt I could even do an hour of jogging but since it was my first run in a long time, I had to go easy on myself.  So finally, I had to stop after 40 minutes.

So far so good, except that this week, I have to skip running once again.  Sigh...just when I'm getting back to the fitness regimen.  But I don't suppose running while I have this cough and a very bad case of sore throat is a good idea.  So, I'll just take a running break once again.  

Hope next week I'll be able to run again.  I've got to prepare for Run United on March 16.  Registration has already started.  Hope I'd get to see some of you there!  


  1. Go go go Ailene! I admire your discipline, even in holding back so you won't injure yourself as you ease yourself back into running. Hope you get back on track soon :)