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Dec 10, 2013

Of Page Ranks and Personal Records

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid @ Free Digital Photos
I wonder what big rock I have crawled under in the past few days that I have failed to notice that this site's page rank has gone up a notch, from PR 1 to PR 2.  I was about to do a cartwheel anyway, then I realized, the update was already 4 days ago.  Where have I been to? Lol!  Anyway, this calls for a cartwheel just the same, if I knew how to do one, for starters.  Maybe I'll just do the dance of joy, ala Larry and Balki (Remember them? Never mind if you don't).

It's been ages since my page rank changed and I am just so glad it went up and not the other way around.  So I must be doing something right, however small the changes reflect.  It's an improvement just the same.

Before I forget that this blog is about health and fitness, let me just give a few updates.  I'm still alive folks!  Haha!  That's not hard to tell, seeing as I have written this.  

Right now, I'm still nursing muscle aches particularly on my thighs and lower legs.  I did a practice run last week, on a Thursday night.  And then just last Sunday, I have joined the Milo Marathon.  I think I may have gone full circle already, going back to the 5K running event.  I just don't have the energy (and budget) to go on 10K.  It seems like ages when I last run a 5K event and doing that with Milo Marathon, it takes a bit of patience as I was reminded during the run that it is quite packed with many runners who are not really that serious with running.  

Oh yes, I had to once again encounter (or try to avoid) my worst pet peeves during a running event:

  • those taking selfies in the middle of the race route, thereby blocking a good part of the road
  • those that would sprint from behind and don't care if they elbowed you or worse, trip you over.  I had the mind to run after that young man and tell him off or maybe kick his shin for giving me a scare.  We would have fallen in a heap had I stepped on his leg as he ran past (grrrr...)
  • groups of 4 or 5 people who would break into a walk and again right smack at the middle of the road, sometimes even walking hand in hand.  Should I jump over their arms so I could pass through?
  • those lazy bones who have the energy to run and yet cannot seem to walk over the trash bin to throw the paper cups. (Organizers, you better stop serving drinking cups.  Need to discipline these peeps!)
To be sure, I still enjoyed my run, but not without all these hassles.  I was just reminded that 5K run in this particular event is actually some sort of an obstacle course.

Oh well, stop griping.  I finished the race just the same, still in one piece and I think this is my best PR yet.  I'm not sure though and I have to wait for the official time.  Anyway, this will be my last run for this year.

Update (as of Dec.11): 
It was my worst PR to date according to THIS! I ran 3 minutes short of one hour.  I knew there was something wrong with that timer!  My own watch says I ran less than 40 minutes.  A note to self: buy a digital watch with time lapse.  Milo's timing chips or timing plate screwed up this time, I believe.  But since I'm not vying for top place, it's not really a big deal at this time.  

Update again (as of Dec. 14):
Now my chip time says 44 minutes and 27 sec. It's probably a bit closer to the truth, although, I'm still having some teeny weeny doubts.  Prior to this update, it was 57 minutes.  


  1. Yehey on the PR level up:) Congratulations! anyways, I can also imagine myself being irritated if I come across those " runners" that you described. Im not surprised that there a lots of selfies there too. :)

  2. I believe your PR also went up (if I'm not mistaken), so congratulations too sis! :-) An early gift from Google hehehe.

    I was once a beginner in fun runs too And I do take pictures, but not while running. It's either before or after the race when I won't be a nuisance to others. Some people just don't care, I long as they can post something for Facebook or Instragram.

  3. I was wondering where you were... Hope you feel better soon. Your list of running pet peeves made me laugh. ;-) Kudos on your pr joy; I heard Google was doing away with page rank. Enjoy it!
    Come back to blogging with us soon and Happy Holidays!

  4. I feel you!!! ha ha
    I call the Milo Marathon 5K category as a labyrinth run lol. And too bad we did not see each other during the run. I also ran in 5K during the finals under the Media Fun Run.

    This is my most memorable Milo run because I went home with a trophy (*wink). But I'm not done yet with the story (as usual) to share you with - blame it on the holiday rush :(

    It's been quite a while since the last time I dropped by here girl sorry about that. Congratulations on PR2 (woot woot!). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

    Cheers to a successful blogging year ahead!

  5. Hey there fellow runner! Labyrinth it is lol! Thanks for dropping by and belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! I took an early vacation...and that includes online activities hehehe. See you around! :-)

  6. Congratulations on your new page rank. It was so difficult for me to get even a PR1. Any tips? I already got my domain two months ago and I am consistent with my posts but how come my blog can't still move on. I'm getting depressed here.

    Anyway, welcome back. Since December, I'm running 2 fun runs now and I still need a lot of practice. Most of the times, I noticed that I walk when I get tired. I want to maintain running until the end so practicing helps.

  7. wow. congratulations! it took me months to have PR1.. i hope google can promote me soon :)