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Jan 20, 2012

Omron Blood Pressure Home Monitor

Having a blood pressure home monitor is a good health investment for those who constantly need to monitor their blood pressure. A couple of years ago, I have bought one for my mom so she doesn't have to go to my cousin's house everyday to have her blood pressure checked.  I bought her the wrist type.  It seems she's not using it that much and I figured she probably wants the visit to my cousin better. Hahaha!  Well, at least she gets some exercise walking back and forth.  Anyway, I didn't take back the BP monitor although I was contemplating on it because now I have to monitor my own blood pressure having been diagnosed with essential hypertension.  

A few months back, I make my daily trips to the company dispensary just to have my blood pressure taken.  When the nurse uses the analogue type, I get good readings, at least not going over 120/90 mm Hg.  Then I have to manually get my pulse or heart rate.  Sometimes when the doctor is there, he's the one who checks my blood pressure using the digital type monitor.  And it is a puzzle to me that whenever he uses that, my blood pressure goes high at 140/100 mm Hg.  Although I don't feel nervous or jittery, I am beginning to think I may have a white-coat syndrome after all (even if the doctor doesn't wear his white coat hahaha!) 

Yesterday, I finally made the purchase.  I now have my own blood pressure home monitor, the Omron Hem 7203.  The sales lady tested the unit on me and my BP read 140/100 mm Hg.  I said that can't be right so I'm not going through with the purchase.  Of course I was just joking and I said so immediately.  She might take me seriously and put away the unit.  Anyway, I tested it again at home after resting a while and I have almost the same reading as the nurse who takes my daily readings.  So, I guess the unit is okay after all.  Maybe I was just excited about it hahaha! Here it is, my new gadget.  Should I name it?  :-)
Aileen's New Health Gadget
Now I can take as many readings as I can within the day and at my convenience.  I take three readings in the morning, and the HEM 7203 averages that so I get a more accurate reading.  I take another set of three readings in the afternoon.  I record the data on my downloaded applications from Handylogs and Soundtells.  The good thing is, the unit already measures my pulse rate so I don't have to do that separately.  Nice huh?  And it has the IntelliSense features that older units of Omron didn't have.  It's to compensate those errors in readings because of movement or other factors. 

If you're considering on having your own BP monitor, the unit now costs PhP 3780.00 at SM Appliance Store in Megamall (and its other branches).  It probably cost a thousand more a year or so ago.  You could possibly get it at a lower price in stores that sell medical equipment supplies in Bambang, just that it's cash basis there.  I used my credit card so I had to go to a store that allows use of cards. 

Meanwhile, I would still be making trips to the dispensary once in a while.  The nurses might miss me.   :-)

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