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Jan 19, 2012

Not Your Typical Cereal Eater

Remember when I made a DASH to the Grocery?  One of the items I bought was a big box of shredded wheat, slightly frosted.  I chose that for the fiber content and I wanted to try something new for breakfast. 

When I was a kid, we rarely had cereal at home.  I do remember having Fruit Loops, not for breakfast but something to munch on when I watch T.V.   Weird?  I guess so because typically cereals are breakfast items.  And the typical way of eating it is by pouring milk over the cereal and topping that with fruits right?   Well, the day after I bought that box of cereal, I tried to do it the normal way.  It was okay until halfway through my bowl of cereal.  The shredded wheat started getting soggy and I didn't have to chew anymore but just swallow it.  Now that didn't go right with me.  It's already like baby food.  I you eat cereals as fast as you can so it stays crunchy?  I couldn't possibly finish a bowlful in one minute.  

The next day, I came up with a solution to the soggy cereal.  See, halfway through and the cereal is still crunchy as if I have just taken them out of the box.

I'm not your typical cereal eater.  I have no need for a spoon to eat this.  I simply munch on the cereals and prunes that I pick up with my fingers (I washed my hands okay?) and I take a sip of the milk.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  And who says cereals are just for breakfast?  I munch on it for dinner sometimes.  I really don't need to eat that much at dinner time because I will be sleeping in a few hours.  So, cereal alone (this time no milk at all) is enough for me before I take my good night's sleep.

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