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Dec 8, 2014

38th Milo Marathon Finals Postponed Due to Hagupit

Me after one of my practice runs @ Luneta

Our supposed run yesterday was postponed in anticipation of the coming super typhoon Ruby (aka Hagupit) downgraded to typhoon and now going back to super typhoon status.  Am not so sure about the category status and I probably got it all mixed up already with reading so many news online.  I was keeping tabs since Thursday afternoon.  I am just glad that people seemed to have learned the lesson from Yolanda and are now better prepared and most people now actually heed the evacuation protocols.

As for Milo Marathon, I hoped they decided sooner, as early as Saturday morning.  They made the announcement early evening.  But only my colleagues who were running the 21 K got the text advisory.  I didn't get any text and was only informed by my colleague.  I decided to check the FB page and sure enough there was this advisory: 

Yesterday was actually a good day to run.  It was windy and the intermittent gusts of wind is a welcome respite for a tired, perspiration-drenched runner.  There's plenty of fresh air blowing and soothing.  Anyway the postponement was due mostly for consideration of the provincial participants who would be coming from the provinces that are in the direct path and within the radius of the typhoon.  Flights have already been cancelled and definitely sea travel is not also possible.  

Let us just pray for the best, for our safety.  And like all storms of life, this too shall pass. God be with all of us.

Stay safe everyone!

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