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Mar 15, 2014

Ready for Run United 2014

Looks like we're all set for the first leg of Run United 2014 tomorrow, March 16.  See what the cat dragged in yesterday.  Well, actually, it's one of my running buddies who claimed our race kits for the four of us runners.  I guess this is hard to miss because of the color.  Last year, they give out the loot goodies after the run.  This year, they decided to give it already together with the singlet and race bib.  I wonder if there will still be other giveaways after the run.  Well, we will just have to see tomorrow.

Loot bag

Singlet and race bib

Inside the bag, there's more...actually, just all sorts of medicine from Unilab and other sponsors, like these:

But the one thing that caught my attention is this one.  I have been wanting to get one but those sold in sports stores are too expensive.  Anyway, this one, I can already use for tomorrow's run.  I'm just preparing myself for the shock my eyes would get when all runners decide to wear theirs as well, and it's not a very remote idea.  Oh well, I'll just imagine I'm looking at an orange plantation lol!  That's in contrast with Milo Marathon's usual sea of green that is actually gentler on the eyes.  


Last night was our last practice run.  Today is rest day and I have to hit the sack early.  Gun start for 5K is at 5:30 am, that means I'll be up or should be up by 3 am to prepare myself and leave for Mall of Asia not later than 4:30 am.  I didn't sign up for the 10K run because I haven't been running that often during the past couple of months.  So, 5K will do for my comeback run.

Any of you guys running tomorrow?  Hope to see you and happy running!

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  1. Here I go again. Still not into running. Sa totoo lang, my work load doubles that's why I don't have spare time to run or have a walk lang. I told Daddy that we can do that after we got home kaso sa pagppack palang orders ubos na oras ko :(