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Apr 19, 2012

Goal Update for March

Typing the title makes me cringe. What update could I possibly give? But good or bad, I have made a commitment to give monthly updates.  So I'll just fire on even if I feel like burying my head underground like this ostrich.

ostrich, a photo by zolierdos on Flickr.

Here are my March goals:
  • Go back to February goals that are not yet achieved
  • Do the "Burn More Fat Workout Plan" 3x a week
  • Stepping it up : Minimum steps per day = 8,000
And here's what I have done so far:
  • One of the goals in February is that of drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily.  I have been doing that only recently because of the sweltering heat.  I am still on the 5-6 glasses of water on cooler days.  I wonder what's keeping me from drinking that much water. 
  • Burn More Fat Workout Plan - this is not suitable for me anymore.  I have lost weight without doing that.  The secret is still the kind of food I eat, plus I move around more.  
  • Stepping it up. I definitely did that.  Although I am not 100 % consistent with the minimum 8,000 steps per day, on several days, I manage to walk 10,000 - 11,000 steps, so that explains why I have lost weight even with minimum exercise.

Hold on just a second...I do have some good news to share.  I have already achieved my target weight of 116 lbs!  My waist circumference is also smaller although it still needs a little whittling here and there.  Still, 29 inches is better than 31 inches, right?  And when my stomach is not full, it's actually down to 28 inches.   I can actually wear some pair of pants I have put away before because it's a struggle to put them on...but not anymore!  Also, I am wearing shirts one size smaller.  In fact, sometime soon, I think I need a new set of wardrobe or I'd have to have some pieces of clothing adjusted (smaller of course).

Do I see the ostrich's head coming out from the ground?  I guess it wasn't a total failure after all.  


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