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Jan 31, 2012

Goal Update for January (Part 2)

I was talking about progress in Part 1 of this update.  By progress, I mean the benefits from making all those efforts to stay in good health.  Without results, goals are just merely goals, empty, without any use.  So you may be asking what I have gained from all of these so far.  Was it worth all the efforts?

See those tickers at the right side of this blog?  The first one says "eating healthier for 4 weeks."  See the little girl with the big smile?  I chose that slider because that is how I feel about what I'm doing.  I am happy and I feel good inside.  Like I said, not deprived, but also not indulgent.  Okay, you might say it's easy to say that and there's no way to gauge the emotional state.  After all, happiness or the lack of it is subjective. 

Let's look at a more quantifiable value. The next ticker is my weight loss progress and it shows that I have lost the 2 pounds I have gained over the long holidays.  My body mass index (BMI) is okay, meaning it's at the healthy median.  So I am not actually bent on losing weight but more fruits and veggies seem to have that kind of overall effect.  No worries since I am still well within the healthy BMI range.  The limit I set for myself is 116 lbs and that's still safely a few pounds above the borderline ideal weight for my height.

Now the last ticker is the one that made me smile.  I have lost an inch of belly fat.  The stubborn fat is finally giving way.  Whoopee!  Don't get me wrong though.  I am not doing this for vanity although it doesn't hurt to look better.  I'll do a separate article about the waist topic but in a few words, I am aiming to trim down that vital statistic also for health reasons.  I'm sure you've heard of the waist to hip ratio principle and excess fat deposits.  We'll talk more of that some other time.

Lastly, I would like to say that I am now learning the art of mindful eating.  It takes practice but I have already laid down the foundation to build up on.  Also, I am enjoying real foods to a whole new level.  I find that my taste buds are not yet that stubborn and that I can actually do away with some food and additives that could wreak havoc to my system. 

So you think I am doing some progress here?  Well, I think I do. And now it's time to set the pace with another set of goals for next month.  I have already updated My Goals page to include goals for February.  That doesn't mean I'll be forgetting the goals for the first month.  They're something I have to carry on with.

There you go. I suppose it's time for another refreshing glass of water.

Glass of Water by Greg Riegler Photography

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